We bought a bloody house!

Oops it’s May and i haven’t posted anything since the 1st of January *eye roll emoji* To be quite honest a lot has been going on. October 2020 – March 2021 was a solid five months of training for me to be a Conductor on the Railway (which i now am, woo), basically all of my friends have had babies (they are all bloody amazing) and WE BOUGHT A FREAKIN’ HOUSE.

I still can’t quite believe it. I honestly have never felt so excited, happy and content. The last year and a half has been unforgettable for more that just this ‘pandemic’ for me. It’s been amazing for my self growth and for setting the solid foundations of my relationship. And now we’ve bought a house. Sorry, i just had to say it one more time!

It’s not been a smooth ride purchasing this house though by any means. It’s been almost 5 months since we put an offer in on the property and the first 2 or so months honestly ran like clock work. We had every document signed and sent back with urgency and the ball was rolling super fast and we were so happy with the progress. We had the knowledge that the chain only consisted of our buyers, our sellers and their sellers, as it was an empty property they had bought and this was music to our ears. We later ran in to some complications with the Solar Panel contracts on our purchased property and also found out 4 months in that our sellers had purchased a bloody leasehold property, which in itself brought complications.

But a few days back we finally we’re given a date for completion and moving now have something to work towards which is so bloody exciting. 2 weeks today is officially moving day!

I haven’t been able to stop myself buying bits and bobs over the months but i’ve resisted quite well as we would rather no be lugging more stuff about on moving day. My pinterest is full the brim though and the amount of tabs i have open on safari is actually a joke. I cannot wait to start on the decorating and short term changes we want to make to the house, i’m so impatient now and i can hear Ikea calling our names!

Jade x

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