What a difference a year makes

Has 2020 just ended? I’m not sure i really know what’s just happened. ‘A whirlwind’ would be an understated way to describe the year but alas, it has been exactly that. Never in my wildest dreams on last New Years eve when i cluncked a glass of Prosecco with my family did i think we were in for a year like that. Whilst it’s certainly been a year of loss, uncertainty and manic change, it’s also had some really positive moments too and these are the ones i’m happy to remember forever. I don’t want to dwell on the negative parts of the year too much because i think we need all the positive stuff we can get right now, but i must pay tribute to the three losses to my family and friends this year.

Firstly, my uncle Mark who devestatingly lost his battle with Prostate Cancer in the summer after a really long time fighting. He served as a Marine who clearly left his inprint on the forces as they held the most amazing and heart warming funeral service for him. He really was a man of kindness, strength and courage.
My Boyfriends Grandma who i was blessed to meet a handful of times before her passing and who was a real sweet heart and was clearly the heart of the family.
And last but by no means least, my best friends mum, Maxine. An incredibly courageous and loving woman who also lost her life unfairly to cancer towards the end of the year after a really lengthy battle.
3 angels that 2020 took away from us, but 3 people who have undeniably left their own stamp on the world. If losing people teaches me anything it’s to grab life by the horns and not be defeated by the obsticles that stand before me. And to make the most of the time i have and the people who mean the most.

Despite the heart ache this past year and the rollercoaster journey we’ve all been forced to ride on as if we were at a themepark we never bought tickets for, 2020 still brought me so much blummin happiness too.

I found love again at the most unexpected time and with the most incredible soul i’ve ever met. I couldn’t imagine life without him now and i reckon if you can survive being locked down in a global pandemic together, you can survive pretty much anything! I’ve also become a stepmum to an incredible little boy who has brought me so much joy and whom i love dearly. I’m still learning every single day and navigating my new role and i wouldn’t have it any other way. 2 of my best friends got engaged and 5 of my friends announced their pregnancy (yes 5!) and 2 of them have already given birth to beautiful baby girls! I finally started training in my new job after a long 1.5 years waiting and after 8 months beinf furloughed. And i was still able to spend Christmas with my loved ones.

In terms of 2020 memories i have so many wonderful ones, even despite the fact that we were confined to our homes for most of it, and for that i’d like to thank you 2020 for shining light where there were many layers of dark.

Happy New Year. Let’s see what 2021 has for us… are you ready?

Jade x

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