Autumn Approaching

It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve done a fashion related post and with the last 6 months being as bizarre as they have been, i haven’t really found too much inspiration for fashion related things to be honest which has been rather odd. From March through to July i spent most days wearing a variation of cycle shorts and a tank top (the most appropriate furlough attire for getting a tan as the weather was glorious) and if the weather wasn’t playing ball it was joggers or comfy trousers all the way. I always made sure that i got dressed every day during ‘lockdown’ regardless of the fact that i had no place to be, because it really helped me to feel like my day had properly started and gave me some element of normality, since i was stuck at home and not working.

I have definitely found myself in a weird funk for most of this year when it comes to fashion and i’ve also found myself not posting on Instagram as much (which i know nobody actually cares about, i mean, i’m irrelevant) but for me i like being creative with fashion and building a little archive for myself. I have multiple photos sitting in the ‘drafts’ section on Instagram and i think i’ve just lost my confidence with posting and have gotten myself in to what i like to call ‘Instagram stage fright’. I don’t really know why because my profile is private and i am selective with who i follow and allow to follow me, but more importantly i only post things for myself and not for other people anyways. I think we can make allowances for things not being ‘normal’ given the current situation in the world and i think my fashion choices are of the least importance, but i’m definitely going to get back in to it, purely for me.

With that being said and the fact that Autumn is knocking on our doors, it’s finally time for the cosy styling to commence! The layers, jumpers and Dr Martens wearing season has finally began, and i feel like this is as good of a time than any to get some pizazz back in to my styling and get back in my groove with it all. I love Summer, don’t get me wrong, but layering and playing with textures in the colder months are what i really love when it comes to fashion.

I thought i’d start off simple and talk about my recent purchase of a couple of Cord style shirts and they have already become staples in my wardrobe for Autumn. They make for a great lightweight jacket when it’s not quite cold enough for a coat and they also look fab over skirts as well as jeans so they’ve proved to be as versatile as i’d hoped . I’ve worn them much more than i anticipated already and i think with something like cord, it’s so timeless and will always do the rounds in and out of ‘trend’ based fashion. One of these shirts paired with something like this floral Midi skirt is a dream combo IMO and it’s definitely an outfit i will be wearing time and time again through Autumn!

I initially went for the light cream one as i thought this is probably most likely to go with more of my wardrobe, but i saw this divine purple one on ASOS from Stradivarius and very much underestimated how much wear i would get out of this one too. I’ve found that the colour stands out with so many colours and textures, especially light wash denim jeans.

I’m super excited now to dig out all of my jumpers and roll necks for some ultimate layering this Autumn and I’ll be back again soon with another styling post!

Jade x

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