The Diary Of A Furlough Queen

Yep that’s right, i’m still on furlough. 5 months of no work and I can’t lie and say I’ve hated it, because it’s been bloody great. The opportunity to stay home and fill my days however I like (albeit mostly indoors) for this amount of time will probably never come around again until I retire, so why wouldn’t I want to enjoy it? I think it’s so important to maintain a positive and cup-half-full mentality in general life and even more so throughout this whole period and I honestly believe it makes the world of difference. This is a period of time in my life that I know I wont be forgetting in a hurry and I love the idea of being able to document some kind of ramblings here to look back on when life fully resumes.

I thought since the last few months have truly ran way with me and I maaay have missed a few uploads, that I’d just sum up the lockdown period before I fully move on the new chapter in my personal life and my work life. For the first month or two of being off work and confined to the house, I was really enjoying doing weekly lockdown posts, as not only are they great to have to look back on, but they also kept me busy.  That being said, I didn’t want to saturate this space with Covid related content (not that I am in any way taking from the seriousness of the matter) but in reality, some weeks were mostly a repeat of others with a few extra bits here and there.

Staying busy both physically and mentally became crucial and equally necessary during lockdown, as I know how easy it could have been to give in to the slob kebob mind set and end up feeling sluggish and rubbish. Something I have always been a fan of is making lists, and they became ever so more important when all the days merged in to one, but they are something I swear by to feel accomplished and to gain satisfaction out of a day that might have otherwise felt pointless.

The start of the Lockdown period was a mixed bag of stuff really and whilst I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was also really difficult as Covid and the whole key worker thing meant that we weren’t able to see my boyfriend’s son. The decision to isolate him with his mum was made based on what was best for him at that time, but it was a really hard decision and a horrible 7 weeks. We facetimed every day but it broke my heart that they were apart from one another and when the time came to have him back our usual 50% of the time it was way over due. Having him back also meant that it was time for me to properly learn how to take on my role as step mum which is a super challenging thing to experience on so many different levels and i’m still learning brand new things every day. I could waffle on about it alll day (maybe i’ll do a full post on it one day) but in short, I absolutely adore him, and I definitely have a different level of respect for my stepdad who took me on as a young child.

On a not too dissimilar subject, lockdown has blessed three of my friends with the gift of pregnancy which is the most exciting news ever and means I’m gonna be an ‘auntie’ to so many new babies within the next 4/5 months and I cant bloody wait!  A Number of other exciting things have also happened in the last few weeks including the fact that I’ve moved in with my boyfriend, finally secured a start date at a my job, taught myself how to make bath bombs and gift bouquets and basically just enjoyed my time off on furlough because the only other option was to mope around being miserable and why would you want to do that?

I’m still finding it mind blowing that a matter of months ago we all were confined to our homes with only ‘key workers’ allowed out to work and only essential food shops to be done. What the heck has even gone on this year?! I know for me I managed to stay busy and keep my mind occupied and the great weather we experienced definitely made the weird times a little more bearable. The whole Carole Baskin/Tiger King shenanigans were 5 bloody months ago which is crazy to me, just as much as the fact that I haven’t worked since March…MARCH! Life has suddenly began to shift in to a new ‘normal’ state which isn’t really normal at all is it. But in saying that, being able to leave the house, see the people you love and care about and now grab a bite to eat out is a fabulous feeling after all this time cooped up.

So there we have it, a short and sweet post lockdown roundup from me.

Thanks for reading,

Jade x

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