April feelings and faves

Well, the end of another month has sprung upon us as quick as the daffodils have bloomed and died (my front garden looks like a daffodil graveyard right now, why can’t they just bloom forever?!) And if i cast your mind back to the March feelings and faves post, in which i combined 2 months in to 1 post (catch up with that post here) i said that i hoped April would have brought about more happy things to report. Whilst i’m sure there are probably more apt adjectives to describe the month of April, i’d say it’s still been filled with happiness, given the circumstances. For me at least.


I think April will have also brought a lot of self evaluation for most people, whether intentionally or subconsciously, purely because of the situation we find ourselves in at the moment. People will be discovering things about themselves and likely about the people they live with too. It’s a real time to grow and learn at the moment, whether that’s in tiny bite sized chunks or learning to compose music like Mozart. Either way is a win in my eyes.

I’ve learned that i’m even more mentally strong than i give myself credit for and i think it’s so important to focus your mind and choose to have a positive outlook, otherwise you focus only on the negatives and you really do end up embodying how you think. It’s always better to be the ‘cup half full’ person and i swear to you that just by changing the negative habits you have that make you slump in to misery, you will begin to feel so much better. It takes time to change how you think and it won’t happen overnight, but positivity really does breed happiness. In these weird and uncertain times, being positive really will make all the difference and if you’re looking for something that might give you something to get you in to a different mindset, then there’s a book i’d recommend by Vex King titled ‘Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness‘. One of my best friends bought it for me around two years ago and it’s definitely a good place to start if you’re after some food for thought!


Moving away from the feelings and on to my monthly faves – i’ll start with some products i’ve been using and loving. I placed an order on Look Fantastic which has become my new go to if i want to order beauty/makeup products just lately. They always have discounts on especially if you have an account and receive emails and there are so many great brands on there.

I was on the scavenge for a new CC cream as i usually use the ‘It Cosmetics’ one, but it’s quite pricey to be using when we’re pretty much indoors the whole day, so if i’m having a day where i want my face to have a bit of life i wanted something more affordable. I came across the CC C’est Magic by L’oréal and thought i’d give it a whirl. I’ve used it quite a few times now and i would definitely 100% recommend it if you’re looking for something that is light, but still gives you smoothness and slight coverage. It blends out the redness in your skin beautifully and when you first squirt it out it does come out green with little speckles in, at which point i must admit, i thought oh no, what the heck. Then i discovered the beauty of it is that it adapts to your natural skin tone as you rub it it. Just like it says on the tin (tube) – magic! It also has spf 20 in it which is a bonus and i’d recommend applying it directly on your face and then blending with a slightly wet brush. I find if you apply it wilth your fingers, you fingers get brown and weird from it oxidising and adapting to your skin. You can find it here if you want to have a look in to it.

A couple of skincare products i ordered are from ‘Clinique’ and i’ve been wanting to try both of these products for a while, but it was only when i saw that they were available in mini size, that it persuaded me to take the plunge. With more expensive products i don’t want to take the risk and buy the big ones to then find out i either don’t like the product, or it doesn’t suit my skin type, so minis are perfect as a kind of trial run.

The ‘take the day off’ cleansing balm found here is a dream. It’s a balm that sort of converts in to an oily formula as you rub it in to your dry skin, but it literally removes your makeup in seconds. It’s a product that has been around for forever, i’m just late to the party, but if you are looking for a good makeup remover then, well, you’re welcome.As for the ‘Moisture surge’ linked here i’ve found this to be so nourishing and soft on the skin and a little definitely goes a long way, so again, another product i would recommend as i think even the mini version will last a while.

Putting proper makeup on is not something i’ve been doing much of at all in lockdown as i find CC creams works so well for what i want. With this said, i did make a little foundation purchase and bought the ‘Hello Happy’ foundation by Benefit (linked here), purely because again it was a mini and i had a 30% off code for all of three products when I placed my order, otherwise i would ‘t have bothered adding it to my basket. I’ve only tried it out once but i found it was a really nice match for my skin and it has spf 15 in which is always a main selling point for me!

Moving away from purchases and on to things i’ve loved this month i have to kick things off with a book i read titled ‘The Chain’ by Adrian McKinty which had a super interesting plot which made you want to not put it down! I think the storyline gripped me so much because it’s a scenario that could genuinely happen, (if it hasn’t already) and that always pulls me in. I’m also now over half way through another book called ‘A Good Girls Guide To Murder’ by Holly Jackson and i’m bloody loving this one too! It’s a murder investigatory style plot which i love on a book. I wont go in to detail about either book so as not to ruin them but they are both firm recommendations from me. Both books are linked here and here if you wanna give them a go!

On to things i’ve watched and loved, of course it wouldn’t be an April favourites post without including the second season of Afterlife! It was absolutely bloody fantastic. We watched it all in one sitting and it was everything i wanted from a second season and more. Ricky Gervais truly is a talented man, to take real life issues and emotions and expose the vulnerable side of them, whilst fusing it with comedy – bloody genius.

I also watched a series called ‘The Nest’ on BBC which i would definitely recommend if you like thriller style series about real life topics. It was very heart racing and had a lot of moments that kept you guessing and speculating which i loved. Plus the acting was brilliant and there were some really great casting choices. It was one of them series i proper looked forward to every Sunday, i wish it had been longer! Season 2 maybe?

I bloody LOVED the new season of ‘Our Girl’ too which has sadly finished now, it just wasn’t long enough! Each season gets better and better, i honestly things it’s a one of my fave returning series’.

The new series of ‘Liar’ also finished a few weeks back and whilst i wasn’t overwhelmed by the ending, i would still recommend watching both seasons if you like a tense, gripping storylines.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a favourite post without ‘Friday Night Dinner’ which is the highlight of Friday evenings for me. It’s just my absolute bloody fave. I’m yet to speak to somebody who doesn’t like it, it’s just complete and utter comedic brilliance!

Podcasts i’ve been loving are the following;

James Acaster’s Perfect sounds

Grounded with Louis Theroux

The Girls Bathroom

A Happy Place by Fearne Cotton


On to some more random things i’ve been loving this past month and first up is probably the most random of all but it is Stacey Solemon on Instagram. She honestly makes my days with her stories and if you don’t follow her you definitely should. She is so funny and i’ve been living for her creativity, she’s given me so much inspo for my house and garden, she’s fab!

I also bought a Gel nail kit and mini lamp this month which i have to say has been a firm fave in and is definitely my most used item right now. The specific kit i bought is sold out, but it was the ‘Gellen’ one and i just got it off Amazon! I’ve been tie dying, practicing yoga and usual, baking LOADS and generally just trying to fill my time and keep my mind ticking!

There we have it, the April feelings and faves and if you made it this far i bloody well salute you. It turns out i can write for England when it comes to the fave posts, so thanks a bunch!

Stay safe,

Jade x

One thought on “April feelings and faves

  1. Salonie Malhotra

    You said it right…as long as we keep our mind ticking we won’t feel sorry for the current state.
    Doing things that have been pushed for so long is something we can do RIGHT NOW and it goes without saying- be happy and spread positive vibes.


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