When i first started writing these weekly ramblings i wasn’t really thinking as far ahead as 5 weeks, but alas here we are, 5 weeks down and somehow it feels like we’re no closer to an end to all of this. It seems that people are slacking too when it comes to the rules, and i can’t even begin to tell you how many arms have skimmed over my head in supermarkets, which in turn, have been greeted with a ‘what on earth are you doing’ in retaliation. We’re all on the same lever of hope when it comes to this being all over sooner rather than later of course, but it’s just about using your brain when it comes to contact with people.

It seems from social media however that people seem to be doing a lot more creative things at the moment to occupy their time and minds, which is great to see. And for those people who are posting things that are bizarrely bitching that ‘everyone is baking banana bread’ errr… so bloody what?! First of all Banana bread is the absolute king of easy and delicious recipes, and secondly I personally bloody love that everyone is getting involved in things that they ordinarily wouldn’t bother with. Those who are winging are likely to be the same people who are sitting twiddling their thumbs and wondering why they are finding lockdown so bloody hard, because they ‘can’t be arsed’ to do anything to try and fill their days. The thought of judging what people want to do to fill their time in the comfort of their own homes, during a global pandemic blows my mind. If people aren’t going out and being stupid then who cares if we all bake banana bread and stuff our faces with it?!

This week, for me, has been a concoction of what could be considered as all the lockdown classics; baking cookies, tie dying, working out, nails (as usual) podcasts, youtube, reading, making a homemade version of Reeses peanut butter cups, facetime calls, an essential food shop trip, Afterlife season 2 (amazing) and beer… most nights. I’m absolutely okay with filling my days with all of the above because how often in normal working life would you lend your time to these thing ordinarily? I’d hazard a guess at not very much. I guess it’s all about mindset above everything and making sure you’re taking this time for what it is and trying not to stress about what you are or aren’t doing.

Now for someone who hasn’t tie dyed since school, i’m giving myself a solid 8/10 for effort on the tie dying front. I thoroughly enjoyed making a massive mess, having bright blue hands for two days, and magically having some new but old clothes. I’m definitely going to do some more this coming week and maybe research how to do some proper patterns as these ones were just for practice, although i’m dead impressed with the joggers and pink jumper to be honest! For the pink jumper i just used normal household bleach mixed with water and for the other things i used a kit i bought off Amazon, which i checked for a link but is currently sold out, so it wont let me link the specific one in the post, however most of them are very similar.

Now when it comes to these babies, i’m giving myself a 10/10. I love the Reeses peanut butter cups so bloody much, so i thought i’d have a go at recreating them, and to my amazement it worked out. I made batches of them with dark, milk and white chocolate and the white chocolate ones were definitely my faves. I made them in large buns cases which are probably 4 times the size of the Reeses ones and so as you can imagine are rather sickly! I’m thinking about doing a lockdown foodie post with all of my favourite things to cook and bake with the recipes and methods too so watch this space for that post.

Right i better crack on with week 6. Stay safe!

Jade x

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