A month down

Did we just do a month in lockdown? Yep i think we did and i’m dead proud of us. Well, the ones of us that are being sensible and doing our bit to overcome this whole shebang that is. I don’t think i’ve still even fully comprehended what’s going on, even at this stage, but we’re all just riding the wave aren’t we.

I was saying the other day how weird of a thought it is that people who have worked their whole lives, have probably never ever had this stretch of time off in one go not working. How mad of a thought is that? It made me realise that although this time is weird and very uncertain, it is nice to have a break and slow down just a little a bit, even more so for our parents and their parents who have worked for a good number of years more than we have. I dunno. Maybe i’m just trying to find the positives in the situation, eh.

I’ve also been thinking about how many times in usual circumstances we’ve been guilty of saying;

‘i’ve been so busy and i haven’t gotten around to doing it’

That over used and often untrue excuse we often use to justify being lazy or infact just being too tired from working and feeling like we need to give a more valid explanation as to why we haven’t been productive, which is totally ridiculous most of the time. Now we’re lucky enough to have to the time to do those jobs that have been lingering on the list for god knows how long, which is fab but also unnecessary to suddenly feel pressured by. Being proactive and getting shit done is great and i’m here for it, but if you wanna spend some days lounging around and resting then i’m here for that too. Balance.

So the last week started off with a a bank holiday (which actually means nothing at all given the circumstances) as it was Easter. This meant myself and Mr key worker had a long weekend together right up until the end of Tuesday which was nice. I finished the book i’ve been reading which is ‘The Chain’ and i’d recommend giving it a read as it was a good one. We ate a stupid amount of Easter eggs and didn’t feel bad about it once.


When we hit Wednesday and i started off by re-gelling my nails (because i’m a beauty therapist now you know) and then decided to sort out my garden at home. I travelled there alone and safely, and after a good 3.5 hours the garden was somewhat restored to it’s pre Winter state. It only came at the cost of braking a garden tool, tearing holes out of the skin on both of my thumbs, a swollen index finger and the a nice juicy bruise on my leg, but it was worth the pain (just about). I was honestly dead happy with the progress and whilst it’s by no means how i would like it, it’s now back to being a blank canvas for me to fill once this is all over. I’m not usually someone who enjoys gardening but because there was no pressure, it was a hot day and i have lots of time on my hands, it ended up feeling quite rewarding. I mean look at the state of that before shot.


Thursday morning i practiced some yoga which i’ve slacked on a bit this last week, so i’m making a mental note to get back to it. One of my best friends dropped over some of her baked goods which was amazing and really made me smile. In the evening we had the update that we will have another 3 weeks at least on lockdown, so i guess we just keep on staying in eh. We finally got around to toasting marshmallows on our log burner and we had baked camembert and halloumi fritters for tea because anything goes for tea in lockdown, am i right?!


The weekends seem to come around so quickly i think! Fridays are the best because Friday Night Dinner is on the t.v, and whilst the 25 minute episodes are simply not enough in my opinion, it’s still the most brilliant thing and i bloody love it. I saw online that there was a Fish and Chip shop open and allowing people to come and queue and buy as usual (following the government safety 2m queue rule of course) so we went and collected ourselves a chippy tea and it was divine. We video chatted with some friends too and had some drinks which was bloody lovely.


Today was the ultimate-chilled-sofa-day and was bliss. Probably the first day since lockdown that we’ve both only moved from the sofa for food and drink and it was v v enjoyable. I cooked my signature spicy Coconut vegetable curry for tea and we had a couple of drinks, watched BGT and just slob kebobbed to the max. I got my tie dye kit that i ordered today too so watch this space next week as if it goes well i may be the new tie dye queen.


And here we are back at Sunday when this post goes live. I’m currently writing this blogpost whilst my boyfriend is doing some electrical jobs outside on his house. The sun is shining, we have jazz playing and to be honest i’m feeling like i’ve had a good week and i’m ready for whatever the next week has in store.

I hope the next week is good for you all and just remember that this is all temporary and not permanent.

Jade x

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