Three weeks down and only X to go

Well we’ve skidded and crashed straight in to the end of week 3 of ‘quarantine’ or ‘lockdown’ however you want to phrase it, and the end to this madness is definitely not on the immediate horizon.

This past week has been a mixed bag for me and has included learning to gel my own nails with a uv lamp, becoming a barber and ‘fading’ my boyfriends hair (or at least trying to), baking a chocolate loaf, hanging in the garden, a migraine that lasted 2 days and killed me off, painting garden furniture and loads of chocolate because, well, Easter. I saw my best friend in the queue at the Supermarket as i was returning to my car and i didn’t know whether to smile uncontrollably, or cry cos i couldn’t hug her and have a chin wag without the entire queue listening in. I must admit it certainly lifted my spirits and made me feel even more grateful for access to FaceTime and phone calls. The same Angel also left me Easter treats at my front door at the weekend and that was the most adorable and thoughtful thing.

All in all it’s been a nice enough week aside from the horrible migraine and i’m still focusing on the positives and remaining in a good head space which is so important. The weeks seem to be passing really quickly i think, given that we’re all stuck in doors, but doing these weekly diary style posts helps to stop them all getting jumbled up in my brain.

Somehow i’m still managing to keep somewhat of a loose routine which i’m dead happy with and i’m not dwelling on the situation at hand too much. I think at this stage it’s easy for people to slip in to a negative space and give up on maintaining keeping their mind and body active, and to be honest i totally get it. I’m lucky to not be isolating alone and i imagine it must be so tough for those out there who are alone at this time. My advice would be to just keep some kind of a routine even if it’s just getting up, showered and dressed and do things that nourish and stimulate the mind.

We’re doing ace. We can do this.

(One alcoholic beverage at a time)

Jade x

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