The diary of a semi isolater

Hey! Thanks for spending some of your time coming to my blog to have a nosy. I guess this is the perfect time to be trying new things and if reading my posts can keep you entertained for a short while then i’m happy to oblige.

At a time when Covid-19 has firmly wedged it’s unwanted self in to our world, there’s not much we can do about it other than keep our distance, stay indoors as much as possible, appreciate the NHS and other key workers from afar and pretty much do as we’re told. It’s a weird time and certainly for the people just mentioned it’s a time of great uncertainty and great self sacrifice.

After the realisation that one day this is going to be a part of global history and more than likely will be taught to school children as part of their History or economics syllabus, i’ve decided to keep a little diary as something to look back on. I am well aware of the immense hardship that the other key workers, such as the doctors and nurses within the NHS are going through, and I am in no way comparing my circumstances to those who are on the front line, i’m simply pulling from my own experience of this situation.

I work on the railway and therefore i cannot totally self isolate as the nature of my job sees me fall under the ‘key worker’ category which means i still have to work. I worked the first couple of weeks when all of this started to have a slight impact on every day life, however i am now on booked annual leave from 22nd March until the 29th and therefore am isolating during this time. Once my leave is over i will be working as and when required, if pre rostered on one of the 2 return journeys per day which is the current new service reduction plan.

It’s an unsettling time for everyone for sure, but as a semi isolating person i’m finding it really confusing in how to feel and act. The news outlets, our Facebook feeds and our human instincts are screaming that we must stay indoors and isolate (the most important thing to do) but then we’re still having to go out to work and be around people, thus putting ourselves at risk. It all feels very weirdly conflicting and i know that when the day comes where the shift lands on me, it’s going to feel nothing short of bizarre to have self isolated for a period of time, and then be flung back in to the public to work whilst this is all still going on.

Tuesday 24th March

Today is the day i’m beginning writing this post and today is the first day i’ve properly experienced that feeling that maybe everything won’t be over as soon as we think it will. I’m suddenly realising that perhaps this thing is more intense than any of us had initially thought. Aside from running around the garden there has been nothing too much to report. My boyfriend and i did however decide that since our time has been solely spent together in the last few weeks between his house and mine anyway that we would isolate in one house together. He is also a key worker and therefore still having to go to work which puts us both in the same situation. I know a lot of couples who don’t live together are having to stay in separate households because perhaps one is working from home and one is not, and that must be causing a lot of upset and strain, but this is what works for us.

Wednesday 25th

My boyfriend is working today and so i started my morning with the P.E with Joe Wicks which has been live streaming from youtube every day this week. I’m not gonna lie, i sweated loads and it felt bloody great. I headed home mid morning to gather some of my belongings to take to his house to ensure i don’t have to leave again and can still get dressed and at least brush my hair and moisturise my face (self care is essential, always) I also dug out my colouring books and pens cos i mean if we’re grounded at least i can do something creative eh. I also baked a banana loaf today cos as stated in a previous post, it seems to be my new thing and i bloody love it. We treated ourselves to a mid week takeaway in the evening too cos well, we felt like it.

Thursday 26th

Another Joe Wicks work out done but i have to admit i was aching from being so full on the day before so i took it a bit easier today. It still felt good to get the body moving though and feel like you’re still getting some exercise. The weather has been lovely today and we spent most of it pottering in the garden, my boyfriend has been tearing his conifers down and i’ve been purely supporting his efforts by shouting ‘pull it’ and drinking Lemon and Ginger tea. For some reason i’ve started playing Minecraft on the Switch, which is also something new and totally random i’ve began doing this week (i’m on annual leave give me a break)

Friday 27th

Well we made it to Friday kids *claps enthusiastically* today’s agenda is a full spring clean of the house cos a clean house is a clear mind and all that jazz. Also, cleaning keeps you busy for an hour or two if you drag it out. I caught up with the first episode of the new series of Our Girl which has been long awaited and it did not disappoint! Tonight is also the first episode of new series of Friday Night Dinner, which if you haven’t already seen or heard of aherrrrm have you been living under a rock?!

Saturday 28th

Other than drinking lots of tea and playing on The Sims, today has been a pretty chilled one. Sometimes i think we’re prone to feeling guilty when we stop and do nothing, but actually why can’t we have the odd days where we just want to relax and now have to feel guilty for it? This evening is going to consist of music, gin, a pizza and probably lots of FaceTime calls with friends.

Sunday 29th

This morning was a lovely lazy morning and this afternoon i learned how to use alcohol inks to create art which was really fun. I think it’s always good to do something creative and learn something new to keep your mind occupied and to feel like you’ve accomplished something. As i’m writing this segment i’ve just received some news from work stating that our train services are now suspended until further notice and that we are no longer needed in work with effect from midnight tonight. I’ve suddenly been propelled in to fear and total uncertainty as my job is not a work from home kind of occupation. We’re awaiting further information which is to be made available tomorrow and so all i can do is hope for the best and trust that this is the best move to protect the business and our jobs moving forward.

So there we have it – a week that started out placing me as a semi isolater until yesterday brought news that shifted me in to the full isolation category. It’s been a funny week and i have no idea what the next week will bring, but we’re all in this together and that’s somewhat comforting.

Jade x

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