February feelings and a mellow March

As we approach our last week in March, i’ve realised that my February faves post never quite made it out there and truthfully it’s purely because i didn’t have a massive amount to report. Now with the Covid-19 virus looming over everyone like a bad dream that just won’t seem to end, i thought it was the perfect time to provide some light reading, since people are staying indoors more and looking for things to do to pass the time.

February was purposefully a pretty quiet month for me and i thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course there were still a handful of things that happened that stood out. Firstly two friends tied the knot on the 1st which was bloody wonderful to say the least. Secondly I took myself on a date to Ikea and spent triple the intended amount, cos that’s how adults treat themselves these days. Thirdly I went to a local comedy night which was brilliantly funny and a really lovely evening.

Despite the ‘doing’ and ‘buying’ being at a minimum during the month of Feb, one thing i used my time for was making a conscious effort to spend less time on socials and instead i put all of my time in to real things. Things like building the foundations of my new relationship and continuing to use my energy for things that are important to me in my life.

In terms of wellbeing I maintained my frequent yoga classes and started going to the gym and working out solo again, which is something i’ve not always been the most confident in doing. I also continued to get my ‘small wins’ as my boyfriend calls them, and these are anything i can get done in a day that make a difference, no matter how small or big. We’re both massive advocates for this mentality and i’m personally a big fan of a list too, as i find it gives you a sense of achievement when crossing off things you’ve accomplished in the day.


Since March is almost over i figured i’d do a combined post for these two months and pray that the April post will bring about some more happy things to report.

March saw me enter my 28th year of life and although being 2 years off 30 makes me gasp for air a little, it also humbles me to think what i’ve achieved up until this point in my life. Everyone has hit milestones in their lives that they are immensely proud of, and these things will always be relative to the individual depending on what experiences they have had, so i’ve learned to never think yours are any less than anyone else’s.

I spent my last day as a 27 year old climbing the Via Ferrara on the Fleetwith Pike in the Lake District and what an experience that was. It was a surprise adventure and it was unlike anything i’ve ever done before and i cannot recommend it enough. Whether you want something that will take you out of your comfort zone, or something that will provide you with an ultimate adrenaline rush, it’s definitely something you have to try. I’ll link the information for anyone wanting to plan something fun to do when this isolation finally nightmare comes to an end.


March has been a month of happiness overall and i’ve been navigating my way through a brand new chapter with someone incredible and an adorable little cutie.

Despite the current state of affairs i’m lucky enough to say i’m happy, healthy (praying it stays that way) and ready for this new chapter in my life.

Take care of yourselves.

Jade x

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