January Favourites

So that’s it, January is has passed us by and February is underway and for most people that’s probably a massive relief, but for me January wasn’t so bad. I made a conscious effort to make sure i had a positive start to the year and began starting good habits which i want to see filter in to the months ahead. I thought with one month out of the way, that it would be nice to start a mini series at the end of each month (obviously i’m a late with this one but i’ll do better next time) to round up all of my favourite things from that particular month. Whether it be my stand out purchases, music, tv series, books, beauty, feelings, experiences and all the stuff in between.

So i’ll kick off with a gem of a book that i read in January, which was a book written by Jim Hutton about the life and experiences he shared with Freddie Mercury. It’s such an interesting read particularly if you’re a Mercury fan. It’s amazing to see how different stardom and fame was back then compared to now, and what kind of life the Queen front man truly lived directly from the man closest to him, in his life.

On the music front, one album that i’ve been loving is ‘Fine Line’ by Harry Styles. I’m really surprised that i’m enjoying it this much, but it’s such a grown up and beautiful album, it definitely feels like it hasn’t come from an ex 1 Direction member that’s for sure. Of equal enjoyment i’ve been loving the new album ‘Everything Else Has Gone Wrong’ by Bombay Bicycle Club. I bloody love Bombay and no matter what they realease it always has such a feel good, nostalgic vibe. I’ll be forever a fan of theirs. Thirdly, Alexandra Saviour also released her new album entitled ‘The Archer’ which has also been a fave on my car journeys this month. Her music is so beautiful and relaxing, definitely someone who should be on your radar.

When it comes to January faves we have to mention YOU season two don’t we? I mean it was brilliant. As a nation we’ve managed to romanticise a stalker/serial killer and put him on the highest of pedestals… are we okay? But seriously, i loved it and season 3 cannot come quick enough! The new season of POWER has also been nail biting in the last month and although i’ve not techinally finished it yet as there is still one more to be uploaded next week, it’s still been a firm fave for the month with it’s who done it episodes. The same goes for White House Farm on ITV which has been on once a week and so has spanned across two months. Based on true events it’s a really haunting story of murder, deceit and betrayal (deffo go and watch it)

Moving on to beauty and skin care, i know that i definitely have some stand out products from January. I was having an actual mare with my skin towards the end of last year and it was really getting me down. As someone who has been fortunate with their skin over the years, this really knocked me sideways and i was stressing so much about it that it probably made it worse. I feel like it sucked the confidence straight out me and i seem to be trying everything to make it better, yet nothing seemed to be working. With that said, i think i’ve finally cracked it. I’ve always sworn by the Garnier Miscellar water as a makeup remover and light cleanser, but for the last month i’ve also been cleansing with the Ordinary Squalane Cleanser twice a day if i remember. I’ve then been following with The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid 2% + B5 and The Ordinary moisturiser too. On top of that, once or twice a week i switch out the cleanser for the Mario Badescu one and so far so good.



I also discovered the IT Cosmetics CC cream in the last month and what a dream find that has been. It gives you a light coverage like a foundation would but is also super hydrating and none cakey as it you literally only need to tiniest amount. It’s been my go to for a light base most days when i can’t be bothered with actual makeup, and whilst it is quote spenny, Boots sell the mini version of it which is cheaper and seems to last for forever anyways. Deffo a product i’d recommend if you’re lazy on work days like me and like a quick and easy routine.  Still on the beauty train i had my eyebrows Laminated or the ‘fluffy brow’ treatment done as some people call it. It was my second time having it done and my brows definitely took better to it this time. It’s made getting ready so much quicker and i’m here for it!

In terms of things that have happened it’s been a month of happiness all around. The first Sunday of the month me and my oldest and dearest friends went on a loooong dog walk in the countryside, had a picnic in the freezing cold and put the world to rights. It was the perfect way to start the new year and i bloody loved it. I also went on a Hen weekend in Liverpool in which was so much bloody fun from the second we stepped on the coach. It involved a lot of booze, a lot of dancing and a couple of Butlers in the buff. A weekend to remember for sure!

I also some how also discovered that Banana bread with chocolate chips is my new thing and i baked it multiple times over the course of the month and i think it’s now my new speciality. I also started up yoga again properly and have been two/three times a week in the last month and it’s something i am planning to continue with as the year rolls out.

Fashion wise my ultimate fave this month has got to be the black suit i wore for the hen do and despite it being way to big for me, i loved it loads and everyone must know by now that i bloody love me a suit!

Jade x

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