A break, an update and an Autumnal recharge

Well an accidental short break away from writing quickly turned in to a loooong break, which in itself was heavily saturated with some massive life changes for me. I’ve tried my best to take some serious ‘me time’ in the last few months, and i’ve also taken quite a step back from posting so much on socials too which was probably (unimportantly) unnoticed by most people, but it honestly has felt so great. Sometimes i think it’s good to re centre yourself and rediscover what makes you feel good again. I’m truly feeling happy at the moment and i have a really positive feeling about life moving forward.

So after some time to deal with general life stuff and getting my head back in to a positive mind set, i’ve been feeling like writing again and what better time of year than with Autumn/Winter on our doorstep? And to mark the occasion in the most apt way today is Halloween and I bloody love Halloween!

I’ll admit right here and now that i am that sucker who succumbs to buying all of the Halloween themed foods and decorative squashes in the supermarket, and i will 100% watch Hocus Pocus at least twice in the week of Halloween (1 down 1 to go) but i cannot help myself, i just love it. To be honest i love celebrating or marking occasions in general and i’m not sure why but it’s just me.

I’m also a massive sucker for Pumpkins and this year i headed to a pumpkin picking farm for the very first time which was so bloody fantastic. I cannot believe i’m in my 27th year of life and this if my first experience at a Pumpkin patch, but it’s safe to say it was definitely worth the wait. It was so magical to see all of the families there making memories and picking out their favourite Pumpkins to take home and carve. Bloody loved it.

For me Halloween also represents the starting marker for the firm change in season and is for sure where we begin the fight against the impending cold weather. With that said however it also marks the beginning of Autumn/Winter styling which means layers layer and more layers which i totally live for at this time of the year! (I’m feeling like some A/W styling content may be on the horizon)

So there we have it, short and sweet but today felt like a good day to write (i’ve been sitting in a car garage for almost 3 hours and i’d say i’ve utilised my time pretty well here, amirite?)

Jade x

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