Point and shooting

Oh hey there and welcome to the first post of the year!

Firstly how the blummin’ heck did January just pass us by like that?! I swore i’d write a post during January but alas it’s two weeks in to February and here we are. I’ve spent the first month of the year making a start on fulfilling some of the promises that i made to myself at the end of last year.  I promised to make more time for self-care and look after myself better because after all, the you that you have is the you that you have.. ya get me?! I also promised to myself that i would choose to see the positives in situations and do less unnecessary worrying thus remembering what Newt Scamander said in Fantastic Beasts ‘worrying means you suffer twice’ which i think is a bloody great quote to live by. I promised i would do more things which nourish my mind and my life and be more of a ‘yes’ (wo)man. So i guess there’s just a few things I’ve been working on which have kind of taken the limelight over blogging so far this year. I know excuses excuses eh. To be honest with you i’ve got quite an extensive list of self promises but let’s bring it back to the point (and shoot) shall we… See what i did there *wink*


So let’s rewind and take it back to January, which for me was a pretty damn positive month. Upon refection it couldn’t really have been any better. I started the year with a positive mind-set and I was lucky enough to have a bit of time off work which is always super refreshing. Sometimes it can feel like my work patterns dictate so much of my life, which isn’t always good for my mental state (but that’s a whole different topic) and so to take some time out was just what i needed. I managed to travelled to two countries Berlin and then Bruge. The latter of the two I had never been to before, and so I really enjoyed that new country feeling you get when you go somewhere for the first time.

First up we have Berlin. Myself and my boyfriend went together as it was the gift i got him for Christmas. We’d spent the weeks after Christmas and leading up to the trip being super excited to go back. It was my second time visiting this city and I honestly bloody love it there. The first time I went to Berlin was in the summer of 2015 and it was super hot so we hired bikes, cycled around and I got an epic tan. But this time around it reached lows of -6 degrees and let’s just say it looked beautiful but it felt BALTIC. However despite the cold weather and the amount of layers required (which resulted in me permanently resembling the Michelin man) the trip was an absolute dream. We ate and drank to our hearts content, had dinner with some friends who live out there (so jealous of that fact) Luke did some coffee related stuff which was great to be a part of and we basically just wandered around taking photos of Berlin in all it’s glory.

num 1


So as you’ve probably gathered from the title of this post i bought a point and shoot camera. It’s been one of those things i’ve always meant to get around to buying and start doing myself but I just never have. So with the new year upon us and the drive to want to try new things, i took this as the perfect opportunity to do just that. I browsed on eBay and found a Canon Snappy LX point and shoot camera which cost me around £15, i also purchased some film (which by the way isn’t cheap these days since the Pound Shop stopped selling the damn things) and i was set to go. It’s been really nice to have a mixture of iPhone camera photo’s and film ones to look back on, and most of them turned out way better that i thought they would. There’s something quite delicate and raw about how the film photographs turn out and i found it super exciting to get the images back when i had the rolls developed and getting to see the images for the first time.


I mean just look at that car! Not only is this Beetle a version of my dream car, but this photo turned out so bloody well, i’m dead chuffed with it. It was one of those moments where i wouldn’t have usually thought to take a picture if i just had my phone but because i LOVE VW Beetle’s and had this brand new camera in my backpack i was like ‘i must stop to take a pic of this’ and that was the result. Love it. I found that using a film camera really made you stop and take things of things you maybe wouldn’t have bothered with. I could never understand before why Luke would stop and take a picture of a bloody bench or a wall but now seeing how the photographs have turned out i totally get it. It’s a really exciting feeling not knowing how they are going to look once they are developed and it makes me realise what a shame it is that technology has stolen that element of excitement from us.



I just love how each photograph has turned out totally different in terms of exposure and colour contrast and each one is really unique. I already loved Berlin after the first time i visited in the summer time but now i’ve taken photo’s of it in the winter i’ve definitely found a brand new love for the place. With that in mind here’s just a few places i’d recommend after visiting Berlin this time around for anybody planning a trip there:


  • Bonanza Coffee Roastery

A beautifully designed and brilliantly inviting coffee roastery but also cafe in which you can sit in, grab a coffee and a pastry and relax in a really inviting setting. It’s a super cool layout with the roastery at the back sectioned off from the cafe space making it a really interesting place to grab your caffeine fix.

  • Zola Pizzeria

This place served up the most delicious pizza ou ever did eat! One thing i will sa is you should be warned that it’s cash only because Luke ran out in -6 temperatures to get cash out of an atm which he was told ‘was just around the corner’ when in fact it was a 10 minute walk (he jogged it) and he didn’t take his coat *face palm* Cue me sitting alone when the food arrived and Luke shivering for the next 30 minutes!

  • Annelies cafe/coffee house

We ate brunch at Annelies one day during out trip and i can’t explain to you how delicious it was. I never knew Scrambled eggs on toast could taste so damn amazing! (See my instagram highlights for photographic evidence)

  • Soeul kitchen

This place is a the most dreamy Korean restaurant and the poke bowl style dish i had was amazing. Also they serve Edamame beans in their pods as a starter which had me completely sold as they are one of my favourite things ever to eat!

  • Brammibals donuts

ALL the donuts in ALL the colourways to satisfy your every need. They are also vegan which means nobody has to miss out on the goodness! If you search them on Instagram you’ll 100% spend the foreseeable future drooling. You’re welcome.

  • Apotheken Bar

A beautiful bar that has been converting from an old pharmacy and still has some of the old school tools and equipment within it which is a really cool touch! They serve up great cocktails and the place has a really vintage feel inside.

  • Nudelbude

A freshly made pasta restaurant with the most divine menu! It’s a really small place so i would advise booking ahead but it’s worth the carb overload for sure!

  • Jaja

Right across the road from Nudelbude you can find Jaja which is a natural wine bar. Some of the wine is unbelievably pricey and rightly so because it really is incredible! You can still pick up a reasonable priced bottle to sit and enjoy though and it’s definitely worth the money. I sampled orange wine for the first time ever and it was amazing. The staff there were great as at giving you all the background on the wines too so if you have a question i say fire away.

  • Five Elephant roastery/cafe

These guys have a roastery but also a couple of different cafe’s within Berlin. we visited two of them and they have THE most insane cheesecake. Their interior is super asthetically pleasing and the coffee is delicious of course.




When it comes to Brugge I’m already dying to go back again! It was a super quick trip for us as we did the quick dash on the ferry so literally had maybe 5/6 hours there to explore. The girls that i went with were all severely hungover but i felt super smug because i hadn’t been plagued by the dreaded aftermath of the ferry from the night before. I took my freshness and boastfully positive attitude and channelled that in to taking some photographs on my camera. I’m super happy with how these ones have turned out! Bruge is a wonderfully beautiful city with so much colour and epic architecture. To top all of that off it was white over with snow which gave it that little bit of extra character and made everything look so dreamy. As the trip was so short we just wandered around, grabbed a bite to eat and the girls dealt with their ever burdening hangover. Oh and we did go to a torture museum which let me tell you was bloody insane!

Brugge reminded me quite a lot of the city of York. I mean just look how beautiful it is! It’s has a really delicate feel to it but is also bursting with life when it comes to it’s buildings and streets. To be me it felt almost Disneyland-esque and some of it didn’t look real almost like a movie set. Overall it was really fun to shoot on film and the colours contrasted with the snow which made them turn out so much more crisp and bold!


So there we have it. Some beautiful shots i managed to capture during my travels in January. I honestly had so much fun using my new camera and I would definitely recommend buying one to play around with. I found that the beauty of point and shoot cameras is that you don’t necessarily have to be good at photography, but with the right intention, a keen eye and a good angle you can produce some really beautiful images! I’m looking forward to taking more photographs this year and hopefully there will be another post of similar content in the not too distant future!

Jade x


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