A 2018 nutshell

Well i feel like i blinked and BAM we’re at the end of the year. I mean what even!? This year has well and truly flown by and i think it’s because it seemed to go from long bad Winter to a long brilliant Summer and then straight back to Winter again. I swear we skipped Spring and Autumn all together?! Classic England.

For me December has meant three things: Christmas festivities, eating and drinking everything at all times in completely unnecessary quantities, and reflecting on the year that has escaped us. So with reflection in mind, i’ve been rounding up all the things which have made this year great for me. A mixture of good and bad has formed the year but it’s the positive stuff that makes the reflection worth while.

So firstly of course, I found a new hobby in blogging and although i’ve probably not written as much as i should or would have liked to throughout the year, i still feel like i’ve made a really good start. I’ve found this little space on the internet a really great tool for creativity, expression and for maintaining a positive mental health too. Although i’m aware that people (not many but some) have access to read my blog whenever they like, it still feels like a semi private diary, and for me has been a really helpful tool for me this year. You can read my first ever blogpost here if you missed it or care to see where it all began!


I would highly recommend starting up a blog if you’re wanting a creative outlet or something to focus on. It doesn’t matter if you decide to hone in on something specific like a hobby or an interest, or just use it for a rambling of a mixture of topics that you love – much like this one. When i first set up my blog i found that i had all of these ideas for posts, content and photographs and then i’d lose a bit of creativity along the way and then suddenly i’d find it again. And that’s okay. Because there are no real rules here, and if you want to talk utter crap you can. It’s your space. Do what you want.

I will admit that it did take me a while to get to this point and at first i found it an embarrassing and confusing space. I’d spend hours and days writing a blogpost and then people would read it which was great and i’d feel like it was worth while. But then a couple (and i mean just a couple) of people would make a comment IRL about it (that weren’t even mean just about it’s existance) and that just made me feel embarrassed and anxious to post again and i’d be back to square one with it all. But here i am still rambling on and still enjoying the freedom of having a blog that is controlled solely by what i feel, i like, i need and i want. And that’s good for me.


Secondly I think it’s super important to fill yourself to your full capacity with things that make you feel good, bring a positive impact to your life and overall improve any aspect within your life. This year I’ve found these fulfillments in many things including blogging and this had meant that fashion has gone hand in hand with it too. I’ve always loved fashion but this year i feel like it became a real love of mine. I love putting outfits together and digging out old pieces and styling them back up. I love posting outfit photos on Instagram and this is something that didn’t come easy. I got the fear. The fear that if i posted outfit pics frequently it meant that people would start to think i was trying to be something i wasn’t, or just think i was plain obessed with myself. Neither of these things are true of course, and i’m glad i no longer worry about this. Instagram, after all, is a place for you to share photos of things you love and fashion is just one of those things for me.

Since we’re talking fashion some may say i’ve always had a funny (i use this word loosely) sense of style. The kind your mum looks you from head to toe at the front door and gives you *that* look. And for a while probably in my late teens i think i was always stuck somewhere between trying to blend/fit in and wear what everyone else was wearing because that’s what i thought i was suppose to be wearing, and the idea that actually i have my own style and i can wear whatever i please. I’d probably describe my sense of style as a *whatever i feel like on the day* kind of style and i do not like to be pigeon holed in to a specific genre or a type (yeah that old cliche) But i really do just wear things that i like, that i feel great in and i no longer fear judgment from anybody, ever. I’m comfortable in my choices and personally i bloody love it.


Thirdly and by no means the least or last, this year has taught me more about things i probably (definitely) already know about myself, and how best to cope/deal/manage things within this realm. Take from that what you will but for me it makes a whole lot of sense.

So with all the deep stuff out of the way 2018 in a nutshell for me included (in a sort of chronological order):

  • Starting up my blog
  • Celebrating two friends engagement to eachother. Cute AF.
  • A car crash. Not cute.
  • Seeing one of my favourite bands do a gig at night in a council estate shopping centre. Bloody Brilliant.
  • Finally seeing Russell Brand live. LOVED IT (the show is now on Netflix ‘Rebirth’)
  • Meeting Derren Brown and seeing him live for the 3rd time. Bloody love him.
  • Finally meeting up with some of the uni girls and seeing their babies for the first time. So lovely.
  • Creating myself a dressing room in my house. Post on which can be found here
  • Spent the weekend in a log cabin for my sisters 13th Birthday. Super cute.
  • Ibiza. The best.
  • Little Mix with my sister and mum. Fun.
  • Bought a vintage Raleigh bike. It’ amazing with a really lovely back story.
  • Barcelona for my boyfriends Birthday. We LOVE Barcelona.
  • Best Friend day out in London. We are gret tourists.
  • Leeds festival. Boyfriend’s Coffee shop had a pitch there and it was great.
  • Alton Towers for Rachael’s Birthday. I love rides.
  • A festival of cheese. Delicous.
  • Arctic Monkeys. Best night ever.
  • Took my mum to see Kylie Minogue. She got pissed and we had a great time.
  • Another car crash. These are in no way a testament to my driving.
  • Halloween as Maleficent. A dream.
  • Amsterdam for my Stepdad’s Birthday. Family time is always great.
  • Milton Keynes to watch my cousin perform in Robin hood. He’s amazing.
  • Winter Wonderland. One of my favourite places to be at Christmas time.
  • Cheese and Wine night with some of my fave people. I love them.
  • And of course Christmas. The best.

So that’s a condensed list of some of the things that have filled up my year and made it one worth posting about. These combined with having the best friends, loving (sometimes annoying) boyfriend and great family have made another year super duper enjoyable.


As we move in to 2019 it’s only right to chat about what we’re all expecting from the year ahead. I think there’s far too much pressure on new years resolutions and the whole rejoining the gym and doing ‘better’ than the year before. And whilst these things are great, sometimes the idea of something seeming to have such an importance can inject a sense of stress and worry that we’re failing if we dont do as well as we thought we would. So i say do whatever you feel is right for you. Join the gym and give it a go or don’t. It doesn’t matter. Just be happy. Of course it’s healthy to set yourself personal goals and have an idea of what it is you want to accomplish, whether it be personally or publicly. For me, i like to try and set these regularly and not just when a new year is approaching. The reality for most of us is that we make resolutions with good intentions but we don’t really see most of them through, am i right?



So there we have it, my last ramblings of the year. A round up of 2018 and what it has brought me. Moving in to 2019 I plan on being a more regular writer and get fully back in the swing of it. I plan on continuing to wear whatever makes me feel good and not let anybody’s opinion on my life alter my reality. I plan to make memories, travel more places and enjoy my life one day at a time. I plan on a lot of things really but in reality let’s just see eh!

Jade x


One thought on “A 2018 nutshell

  1. Bix Gello

    🍾 happy new year!! If you have another year like that (minus the crash) then 2019 is gona be awesome too!

    Lots of Love to ya hun x


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