Spring Self Doubting

Hey hey! Thanks for heading back / welcome if you’re brand new to my blog 🙂 After a couple of months of no blogposts and truthfully feeling a little bit lost, uncreative and seriously lacking in motivation, i’ve decided to finally put pen to paper or rather fingertips to keys, and write again.

Sometimes i think we get so bogged down with self doubt and having that overwhelming feeling of being unsure of what the heck we’re actually doing with our lives, that it really makes it hard to stay focused on anything, and even harder to find comfort in anything. And lately i’ve found that i’m constantly questioning if i’m where i should be at 26 years of age, and the comparisons that i and i’m sure most people make to those more ‘successful’ people, particularly those visible on social media, really do play a part in the way we end up feeling. Of course common sense tells us that every person is different, with a different set of circumstances, different lifestyles, a different path carved out, a different time frame for events in their lives and with ultimately a different end goal, but still somehow find ourselves questioning and doubting aspects of our lives and over thinking things that we shouldn’t.

It’s so easy to look at other people’s lives and compare yours to theirs and in turn we forget just how lucky we truly are. To even be alive and in good health is something to shout about in itself, right?! Everyday we wake up is another day we are lucky to be given and i truly believe in making the most of it. So i vow to myself that from the day this post goes live that i will turn each negative feeling in to a postive one and not dwell on the unknown. As Newt Scamander said ‘My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice’ so with that in mind let’s be more thankful for what we have and spend less time worrying about what the future holds!



So with all of that said let’s turn this post on to something a little more positive shall we?! Like for instance how Spring has finally sprung and isn’t it just bloody glorious?! Okay so we’re not 100% there with the weather yet but we’re certainly well on the way. And with this change in season happening comes all of the beautiful Spring/Summer clothing too, yaaaas! I’ve been love love loving all of the beautiful new collections and pieces out there on the high street and online at the moment, and they are just screaming out for the sun to shine. I’ve got a bit of a thing for jumpsuits in the warmer months particularly and this little pinstriped, culotte style beauty was a steal from Primark! Yep Primark! It’s super lightweight and easy to chuck on with a pair of sandals or, as i opted for, a pair of white trainers for the clean crisp look.

Team it with a pair of fancy nancy retro shaped sunnies and you’re good to go!

So there we have it – a short but sweet 1st post back after what seems like forever. Thank you for sticking around till the end if you’re still reading and i’ll see you in my next post!

Jade x

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