A Pop Of Colour


Hands up, i can definitely be a guilty party when it comes to accidentally (maybe on purpose) rocking those Wednesday Addams vibes with the blacks, whites and greys of the wardrobe, and whilst there is nothing at all wrong with that, i think we can all agree that a pop of colour never hurt anybody – am i right?

I also think colour is particularly welcomed at the moment with the January blues in full swing and the weather being nothing short of abysmal! 


Becoming more adventurous with colour, prints and textures is something which is creeping it’s way in to my life and i’m a-okay with that! I’ve been attempting to buy pieces that i love visually but would usually avoid taking the plunge with because i was worried above most things that people would give me that ‘what the actual hell is that’ look… you know the one! Or even just that i’d be worried about figuring out how to style it and what it would ‘go with’. I’ve since come to the conclusion that i don’t actually care anymore and to tie in my previous post – i’m confident enough to rock these peices safe in the knowledge that i like them and feel great in them and that’s all that really matters!


So I say let your colour juices flow when you’re next in purchase mode and buy that bright pink coat that’s screaming for your attention or that statement pair of boots just sitting on the shelf waiting for you to parade around in them. Be confident enough to not hide behind monochrome and the classic ‘black jeans and a jumper’ and challenge yourself to sass up your outfit choices with a few colours thrown in the mix!  

Until next time,

Jade x



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