Confidence Is Key

Confidence (dum dum dummm)

Something i know that all of us at some point experience various issues with on some end of the spectrum, and it’s definitely something that can affect us (if we let it) in so many areas of our lives.

It’s a funny ole thing really isn’t it? It can either get us down because we feel that we lack in it and thus prevent us from achieving our goals/ambitions or it can be mistaken for cockiness, ‘full of yourself’ and so taken as just plain annoyance. 


I’m learning to live life with a ‘just do it’ (no i’m not a walking nike advert)  attitude and act on something i want to do before i have time to talk myself out of it. This applies to all aspect in my life whether it be making a decision that could be risky/scary or buying/styling those items of clothing/ shoes that some people likely think are gross or ‘weird’ but i absolutely love (this happens a lot). It’s so important to have confidence in your decision making and if for any reason that decision doesn’t pay off – who even cares? You were confident enough to go through with it and that’s a good enough feeling!

So with all of that said –  i think it’s much more productive to take confidence in its rightful state, tackle it head on, and be safe in the knowledge that you can be confident in your decision making! Buy those gross but fabulous shoes and wear them with confidence, start up a new hobby you’ve been wanting to do for ages, tell someone how you feel and say what’s on your mind, be confident in your skin and your body nobody is perfect! And do all of these things with nothing but absolute 100% i’m ready for it confidence!

Until next time

Jade x




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