Figuring It Out

Why hello!

If you read my first attempt at a blogpost then welcome back and if not then hello and thanks for heading over! After spending a couple of days attempting to figure out this whole blogging lark, here i am back with post number two.

I thought i’d make this post about the things i want to figure out this year, one of which being this extremely daunting blogging thaang. I’ve definitely realised i must invest in a decent camera to make better content since writing the post on my phone and then viewing it on my laptop, it definitely dawned on me that i need to have better quality photographs! I also need to have have the courage to speak out regularly on my social media pages to let people know when i have a new post up (so far so good, wish me luck!)

A second aspect of my life i must figure out is how to balance my current job and the things i need to do to try and be more proactive in something i love but have been honestly failing at just lately, which is acting. I studied at the University Of Huddersfield from 2010-2013 for a Ba Honours Drama degree which i loved every single second of, but which also feels like a bloody life time ago (where on earth have these past 4 1/2 years gone?!)
Post graduation i managed to bag a few jobs in extra work and such like, but without an agent and the right tools and direction, acting can be a big black hole that unfortunately most of us get completely lost in. We all talk about that ‘lucky break’ or the ‘right place, right time’ theory, and in reality these can sadly be some of the ways in which a lot of actors actually do make a career out of their passion. I’m sure if you’re sitting there thinking about something you love to do but are unsure of how to acheive it then this will also resinate with you!



Say hello to me in full facial prosthetics as a Zombie double in a Cornetto Cupidity campaign i did back in 2015 (fit, right?!)

The third thing i want to mention is something one of my best friends said to me when we were discussing if we have any of those dreaded and eye rolling new years resolutions. She said one of the things she would like to do is to be able to say yes to more things. We all know that feeling when we come home from work and we’re a little tired and one of our friends says ‘fancy a catch up’ or ‘shall we grab some food’ and we immediately say no because we’re thinking about money and being sleepy and the pile of washing we have to do, but in reality we should be working to live and not living to work! So with this said, the third thing i wanna figure out is how to be more of a yes (wo)man (thank you Rachael!)

So there we have it my three ‘figure it out’ goals to start the year off, I will report back later in the when i’ve (hopefully) managed to acheive them!

Until next time,

Jade x


One thought on “Figuring It Out

  1. Mitch

    Jade, read ‘Yes Man’ by Danny Wallace (also adapted into a film). I did it one year (within a bit of reason) for about 6 months and it definitely led to some interesting things!


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